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Company Profile


Our company always focuses on technical innovation, product research and development, and improves the product quality continually with new technologies, new materials and new processes.
The company was founded in 1970
Nanjing Liye Power Transformer Co., Ltd. was initially founded in 1970, and restructured into a solely Hongkong-owned enterprise in 2004, which has a registered capital of 300 million Yuan and a AAA credit rating. Our company is located in Pukou Economic Development Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu Provience, China, which covers an area of 210,000㎡ and a building area of 180,000㎡. The company invests 500 million Yuan in the first phase, and its annual production capacity is 50 million kVA. Advanced technology, excellent equipment and clean environment will make a new contribution to ...


Area of 210,000 square meters


Annual production capacity of 5,000 million kVA


pay attention to product development, continue to use new technologies, new materials, new technology, product quality continues to improve

Liaoning Diaobingshan Power Plant change SFP11-420000 / 220

Dandong Thermal Power SFP-420000/220

Hubei Huanggang Macheng Yan River change SFSZ11-180000 / 220

Jiangsu Nantong coastal (seaport) change SFSZ11-120000 / 220

Nantong Coastal change SFSZ11-120000 / 220

Jiujiang, Jiangxi giant industrial Yufeng # 1 main transformer SSZ11-120000 / 220

Construction of the Xinhua Wulaofeng Wind Farm Project

Hubei Jinshenglan Metallurgical Technology 1 # variable SSZ11-80000 / 220

Huaian camp east of Jiangsu change SSZ11-80000 / 110

Shanghai Power Supply Company Jinling change (split up and down) SZ11-63000 / 110

Xiamen, Fujian Takasaki change (up and down split) SZ11-50000 / 110

Guangzhou Longtan change (level split) SZ11-50000 / 110

Changshu, Jiangsu Maoqiao No. 1 change SZ11-50000 / 110

Changshu, Jiangsu Maoqiao 2 changed SZ11-50000 / 110

Jian Zhen, Jiangsu Province on the 1st change SZ11-31500 / 110

Jian Zhen 2, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu change SZ11-31500 / 110

Hubei Gold Shenglan Metallurgical change SFZ11-100000 / 35

Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Sand King 1 # change SF11-40000 / 35 wide plate

Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Sand King 2 # change SF11-40000 / 35 wide plate

Suzhou, Jiangsu giant electronic change SZ11-12500 / 35

10kV oil-immersed transformer

Distribution transformers

Dry-type transformers

European prefabricated box change

American combo box change

06 exports to Malaysia 30MVA / 132kV

Norway Elkem electric furnace variable HDSPZ-15000/25

2001.6 Operation in the Philippines SF-12500/67

Shanghai Hong Yang change SZ11-2500 / 66



The so-called success, are obtained from the cracks
Party building activities 2016.6.30
Nanjing Liye Metro project won the bid for the first time
SMS - The first 220kV product passed full performance test




Nanjing Pukou Jiangpu Street Tiger Bridge Road on the 1st